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Presentations: KYH2O and Matilija Dam

Two recent presentations are now available for online viewing: Why (Fresh) Water is Important to SurfersNovember 21, 2013 - Channel Islands Maritime Museum.This presentation describes the Ventura River watershed and Surfrider's "Know Your H2O" approach to solving the ongoing water management crisis. Matilija Dam: Taking Another Look (A Brief History and Update)March 22, 2014: Salmonid…
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Ventura featured in ‘Making Waves’

this article was published in Surfrider Foundation's Making Waves December 2008: ECOSYSTEM-BASED MANAGEMENT Ventura, California:A Watershed Approach to Restoring Coastal Resources Since 1991, the Ventura County Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has been working locally to protect and restore coastal resources. Initially spurred by beach erosion and degraded water quality at Surfers’ Point, the chapter…
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Ojai Quarry Impacts the Ventura River

In March, 2006, rock mining operations at the Ojai Quarry on Highway 33 caused a landslide that blocked the North Fork of Matilija Creek with large boulders and debris. Despite newspaper articles and the involvement of numerous government agencies, the creek remains blocked as yet another winter steelhead migration season begins. As these photos show,…
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