Local news – removing Matilija Dam

Our local weekly, VC Reporter, published a story on Matilija Dam and the Ventura River project.

Environmentalists finally see progress in removing Matilija Dam

Federal funds released through spending bills this year set to spur activity for projects around the county

$965,000 of the spending bill has been designated to restore the Ventura River, long the goal of environmentalists and
subject of bureaucratic infighting.

“Without dam removal, we’re going to see continued decline of the steelhead population,” said Jenkin, who said efforts to get the 60-year-old dam torn down began in the 1960s, but gained momentum in the 1990s when the Surfrider Foundation took up the cause.

Meanwhile, Jenkin is hoping some money from the federal economic stimulus package passed in January will be used to complete funding for a project to restore the beach at Surfer’s Point.

“That one’s shovel ready,” said Jenkin, explaining that the plan to move the popular bicycle path further back from shore is an alternative to building a sea wall.

“That will provide natural shoreline protection for the path and parking lot,” said Jenkin, “a natural buffer more able to respond to high tide.”

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