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Matilija Coalition Comments on Final Design components of the Matilija Dam Ecosystem Restoration Project:


Sediment Management:

Matilija VCWPD+CCC letter 8-10-2010

Matilija Coalition letter 6-30-2010

Matilija Coalition Sediment Management and Restoration Opportunities

Jenkin.Trautwein ltr.6-21-10

2010-04-01 EDC to ACE-VC-DFG re Matilija Project.pdf

Cooper Letter on USA-Matilija Dam Removal.pdf

Initial Response to Paul J Re Fine Sed in MC - 2.26.10.pdf

MC upstreamdisposal_letter_Feb2010.pdf

Comments on Matilija Dam Sediment VE Study.pdf (10-11-07)

Slurry Disposal of Fine Sediments:

BRDA concept description.pdf (12-16-2008)

Matilia Coalition Slurry Comments 10-20-08.pdf


Response to Paul Jenkin ltr - Matilija Dam Ecosystem Rest 2010 02 18.pdf

Matilia Coalition Levee Comments 10-24-08.pdf

Roble Diversion modifications:

Robles Scour Pool Design.pdf (3-20-08)


MCComments - RecTrail 5-08.pdf

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