Monthly Archives: February 2011

Hemlock Dam Removal

Around the country, more dams are being removed today than are being built. One example of a successful project is Hemlock Dam Removal on the Columbia River system. This video showed in this year's Wild & Scenic Film Festival, and documents this project: Of note in this video: Sediment management included excavation of a new…
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Next steps – Notching?

'Just Notch It' No matter who you speak with about Matilija Dam, the question always comes up; "Why not just take the dam down a bit at a time and let the river gradually remove the sediment?" Indeed, one of the newspaper editorials this summer suggested "that the dam be notched down to the top…
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Beyond Sea Rise – VCReporter

Following the lead of the LA Times, the VC Reporter (Feb 3, 2011) published an article discussing the bigger picture aspects of the Surfers Point Managed Shoreline Retreat Project. While the LA Times focused on Managed Retreat as a response to climate change, the Reporter took the opportunity to make the connections with the Matilija…
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