Monthly Archives: December 2008

Matilija Dam – Alternative Slurry Design

Additional Comments on Matilija Dam Final Design – Slurry Disposal Letter to the Army Corps of Engineers Via e-mail: During the Design Oversight Group meeting of December 4, 2008, project managers indicated that a decision would be made on slurry disposal (by Feb 2009) based upon the alternatives presented at the meeting. These alternatives…
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Matilija Hot Springs Resort

The sign at the entrance to the Matilija Hot Springs below the dam tells the history. From 1887 until the 1980's, the hot springs drew people from afar for the healing properties of the natural springs as well as the scenic natural beauty of the area and renowned fishing. In 1947 as plans were made…
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Matilija Dam – slurry design

At the December 4th Design Oversight Group (DOG) meeting, the Corps of Engineers presented further information on the details of the proposed slurry operations. Standard slurry operations discharge the spoils into a temporary pool formed by sand berms. Dredged sand deposits in the pool, and slurry water flows out. (This can be seen every year…
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